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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Getting Ready for Yard Care Season in Newport News

Newport News Rental Property with Great Curbside AppealA well-maintained yard is a very important element of any exemplary rental home. In most instances, property owners and tenants must coordinate to safeguard that weeds, debris, and other eyesores are absolutely not allowed to give rise to a loss of curb appeal and, in extreme instances, a loss of property value.

The first phase to get ready for yard care season is to check that the lease distinctly describes the landscape responsibilities of both the renter and the landlord. It is key to give insight as to whose work belongs to whom so that they don’t get lost in all the jumble.

Influencing your Newport News tenants to bring about yard care is, in a similar way, key. Landscaping maintenance can be a nuisance for renters because it asks for so many specialized tools. For instance, if a tenant has confirmed that he or she will maintain a rental home’s lawn, it would be necessary to acquire or have access to the applicable tools for the chore. A lawn mower, rake, and other tools are basic necessities. Considering that a renter will sprinkle fertilizer or weed killer products isn’t necessarily in the owner’s best interests as employing the proper chemicals in the correct quantities and spaces, are not regularly something tenants are trained for.

Continuing to keep flower beds and other zones of the yard weed-free may also be something you wish your tenants to do. In such cases, they’ll request for hand trowels, shovels, and other weeding tools to preserve the yard and keep it looking good. Bigger jobs entail more serious tools. Pruning and trimming hedges, bushes, and trees mostly require the practical usage of pruning shears, hedge trimmers, and landscaping saws and should remain in the hands of professionals, not renters.

If you have tenants who understand what they are doing and have excellent tools, they can be expected to carry out the many tasks and chores that yard maintenance requires. The terrible truth is that many tenants don’t know about yard care to a large extent or may not select landscaping maintenance as a priority. In the doings and flurry of daily living, they may even neglect to carry out less habitual tasks completely. There is even the probability that a tenant will accidentally damage or kill plants or trees on the property.

Heedless of who is responsible for yard care, landlords have to be doing regular evaluations to secure that the yard of each rental home is being properly kept. This essential amount of inaccuracy is important, but it takes a lot of time. Why not enlist Real Property Management VA Peninsula instead? We will manage the situation of your rental home, both exteriorly and interiorly, and warrant that all crucial yard maintenance tasks are brought about at regular intervals. For more needed information about how we can make Newport News rental property management a breeze, contact us or call us at 757-251-9188.

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